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JKY60/60-40 Vacuum Extruder

JKY60/60-40 Vacuum Extruder


Brick Vacuum Extruder with Reamer Diameter 600/600 MM, Max extrusion pressure 4.0 Mpa.

JKY60/60-40 double vacuum extruder manufactured in our company is mainly used in brick and tile factory to produce bricks and tiles and other clay products. It is also used to produce ceramics. The processed pug is changed into the needed billets by the machine through the following steps. It is mixed first, next treated by vacuum, then conveyed and squeezed by spiral reamer, finally extruded by a fixed shaped opening. Brick vacuum extruder has the reasonable structure. Its extrusion pressure is very big and the biggest one is 4.0Mpa. Its yield is very great, 19600 to 23000 pieces every hour. At the same time, it is applicable for high vacuum, squeezing thin-walled and porous shale, and coal gangue and clay brick.

The main components of brick vacuum extruder are reducer, pneumatic clutch, gear box, stirred tank, vacuum box, and mold. The body of JKY60/60-40 double-stage vacuum extruder is all made of welded steel plates

Operation and Precautions of JKY60/60-40 Double Vacuum Extruder:

1. The machine opening, core head, core rod should be replaced and adjusted in time. While they are abraded to some extent, the sizes of tile will be affected.
2. The wearing parts should be repaired and replaced when they are abraded after a period of use, or the product quality and output will decline, such as reamers, stirring blades and mud pressing board.
3. When you want to stop the brick vacuum extruder, stop feeding first, and then squeeze out the clay inside the machine, in order to avoid the overload at next startup. Don't reboot the machine if the air pressure is lower than 0.5MMpa. The friction plate is easily burnt if the air pressure is not enough.
4. The brick vacuum extruder and all its bolts should be stopped and checked after six to eight hours' work for the first time to make sure if there is looseness. If yes, fasten them in time. If the machine is stopped for more than one day, all the clay material should be squeezed and cleaned out, trying to avoid the damage by the dry clay.

Maintenance and Repair:

JKY60/60-40 double vacuum extruder should be in good water lubrication condition so the machine is enabled to obtain the maximum efficiency and prolong the service life.
Spindle speed reducer is lubricated by an oil pump filled with N150 (GB/T3141) lubricating oil. The better refueling position is between the two scales of oil dipstick. The other parts are lubricated by 3#extreme pressure lithium-based grease (GB7324-94). The filled lubricating oil has to be replaced after 300 to 600 hours at the very start, and then it can be replaced after 1500 to 5000 hours. The lubricating grease has to be filled regularly.

Parameters of JKY60/60-40 Double Vacuum Extruder:

program units of measurements JKY60/60-40
yield standardized bricks/h 19600-23000
diameter of reamer mm 600/600
biggest extrusion pressure Mpa 4.0
Vacuum degree Mpa ≥0.092
power KW 220+90
dimension mm 5500×5000×3000
weight kg 30000

Packaging and Transportation:

Naked outfit and container transportation

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