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PVC Pallet

PVC Pallet


PVC pallet is made of environmental material and formed by high temperature extrusion. It is of high intensity and good chemical stability that is suitable for the brick production. The main components of PVC pallet for brick are PVC power and calcium powder. This concrete block machine pallet is resistant to strong acid and alkaline. It can be recyclable for several times and has long service life that can be up to 6 years. According to customers' requirements, there are different specifications of PVC brick pallet.

Parameters of plastic PVC Pallet:

Item Specification
Density 1800kg/m3
Bending Strength more than 70 N/mm2
Flexural Modulu more than 4.5×10³Mpa
Impact Strength more than 60 KJ/m2
Absorption less than 14%
PVC block pallet N/mm² more than 40
Temperature tolerance 160 degree
Surface wear less than 0.04g/100r
PVC pallet Aging more than 6 years

Packaging and transportation:

Naked outfit, cable tie packaging and container transportation
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