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QT2-15 Concrete Block Machine

QT2-15 Concrete Block Machine


Concrete Block Molding Machinery with yield from 480 pieces/h to 2880 pieces/

QT2-15 block molding machine is used to process cement, stone, sand, coal ash, construction waste and other materials and produces wall blocks, road bricks, and curbstones etc.
It is environment-friendly energy-saving. It has passed ISO9001 and CE certification. It has achieved a patent called the national utility model. Its all supporting molds have been heat treated and become durable.


Block machine, hydraulic pressure station, mold and electric control cabinet

Performance and Characteristics:

1. QT2-15 concrete block machine adopts hydraulic drive to products of high strength.
2. A short molding cycle
3. By replacing molds, QT2-15 block molding machine can produce different sizes of concrete bricks.

Operation and Precautions of QT2-15 Concrete Block Machine:

1. Pay attention to feeding. There shouldn't be large aggregate or foreign objects whose diameters are more than 2 centimeters in the mixture, especially solid objects such as iron, which are easy to damage the machine parts.
2. Check whether the pallets are clean. If there are bonded pieces, remove them before you put the pallets into the store.
3. Strictly control the time of vibration. Adjust the amount of supply if necessary. From time to time pay attention to that whether the limit of every procedure is normal or whether the screws are loosened. If unexpected things happen, stop the block molding machine promptly and adjust it in time.

Maintenance and Repair:

1. Check carefully and make sure that there is no loose fastener. Lubricate the parts according to the requirements.
2. Check the size of pallet. Abandon the ineligible ones, or the machine will be jammed and damaged.
3. Remove the residue and clean the box, pressure head and other parts of the machine each time.

Parameters of QT2-15 Concrete Block Machine:

yield 480pieces/h(390×190×190mm)
size of pallet 810×270×16mm(PVC pallet)
exciting force 70KN
vibration frequency 60HZ
molding cycle 15S
power 8.5KW
height 2T

Packaging and Transportation:

Naked outfit and container transportation
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